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So You Want to Be a Moor?

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

So You Want to Be a Moor?

The first question is WHY?

The things you study and learn should make your life “Moor” easier! PUN INTENDED

What does becoming a Moor entail and what is its purpose? Simply put “proclaiming” to be a Moor is recognizing that YOU are NOT Negro, Black or Colored and that you have a lineage that goes back much further than the African Slave Trade. Being able to trace yourself back to a nation of people with their own unique customs, culture, religion etc. can be very liberating for a people who lack this ability. Once you discover the rich history of the Moors and how they connect to you and your ancestors it should provide you with a sense of pride and also an understanding of what mistakes were made in the past which created the Negro of today! With this being said, just understanding your history and the mistakes of your forefathers will NOT automatically enhance the quality of your life. While the aforementioned information is good to know there are countless Negro’s today who have no knowledge of this information but live very productive and fulfilling lives.

So why should one proclaim to be a Moor? This is a very good question and will vary based on the individual. However, once you realize the great lineage in which you come from you will not automatically get some sort of special treatment. You will still be expected to live in society in a productive manner and will still face the many challenges of life in general along with the ever lingering reminder that you are classified by society as “black” and as such will be mistreated by dominant society aka “white” people. Unfortunately, the ideology of becoming a Moor has become synonymous with all types of false precepts, like laws not pertaining to you, driving with no license, being able to obtain free land and other nonsense that will make your life much “Moor” difficult. I personally spent hours studying pseudo legal arguments and other nonsense all because I did not want to take responsibility for my obligations. I know some people who have went to jail trying to use some of these pseudo legal arguments and who have lost cars, homes and other resources due to their misunderstanding of what it is to be a Moor.

Through my personal trials and tribulations and by carefully examining the trials of people I know who claimed to be a Moor, I developed a philosophy that is very practical in nature but also provides that sense of understanding who you are! In order to Keep It Simple Silly K.I.S.S. and to make it universal in nature I have drawn upon the most important factors in one’s life. The three most important factors in the lives of individual people are: Health, Wealth and Knowledge of Self. Very simple and also listed in order of importance! These are three areas in which I wish to enhance the lives of others and myself. Now to some this philosophical approach to life may not make sense at first and sometimes philosophy can be vague and lofty, but to others it will make perfectly good sense. I would like to unfold this philosophy a little “Moor” so that it can be viewed on a very practical level.

As with being introduced to any new information there will always be a learning period in which you study, research and practice the new found information. With this in mind, these three areas can be studied, researched and practiced by anyone who chooses to! Lets take a look at each of these three areas beginning with Health.

Health is the most important factor in the happiness of one’s life. Unless one is in physical bondage ie prison then making sure you are healthy will most likely be at the top of your to do list and even in prison being unhealthy will not make your experience better. Health can be very complicated due to the intricacies of the human body and mind along with the individual challenges that we all face. However your health does not have to be complicated if you follow practices that have been used for hundreds of years for maintaining the health of the human body. It really only boils down to two distinct things that must be followed to maintain ones health and that is Diet and Exercise. This sounds simple enough right? Well it is; there are many different diets that are out but if you follow a mostly plant based diet and avoid processed and fried foods you will be moving in the right direction. We all have our vices; mine is Gummy Bears: mmmmmm. However we all must learn to control our desires and find a healthy balance. Alcohol and drugs also keep our state of health in disarray and can be extremely difficult to stop. When we think of health we can also include mental health which over time will affect the body. Stress, Anger, Depression and other emotions keep the unhealthy lifestyle going and will eventually cause even more problems. This is why exercise is so important to this equation because it will allow your body to use strenuous activities to help condition the mind! If you have no clue as to where to being on your health journey; you can start HERE! This will provide you with a complete guide of “good” food to eat that have over time shown to have healthy effects on the body and you will also be introduced to an ancient form of exercise called Qi Gong developed thousands of years ago in China. By following this eating guide and eliminating certain foods from your diet all together; you should begin to feel better and look better. Adding exercise to the equation will enhance your health even faster! This is the STARTING point for a more productive life and becoming the best you!

Wealth is not the same as money! Having wealth is about having access to resources and also having your time to enjoy life and practice your newly found Qi Gong Exercises! When we think of wealthy people we tend to think of old “white” men who has used this system to their advantage; however that is not the only ‘version’ of wealthy. What about the guy that makes $24,000.00 a year but his monthly expenses are $1000 and he only works 20 hours a week! I would say this guy is wealthy because he has his time and $1000 a month disposable income. I hope this is starting to make sense. Being wealthy is relative and we do NOT all want the same things in life. I personally have no desire to drive a Bentley or any other quarter million plus vehicle but a $50,000 used Porsche Cayenne works perfectly for me! So how does one become wealthy? That is the million dollar question. There are many different avenues that will lead you to the same destination; however there are some tested areas that have been used over and over to provide the lifestyle that many people dream of having. In particular there are 3 areas of study that one would be wise to familiarize themselves with if becoming financially free is important to you:

That is Credit (Both Personal and Business), Investing, and Real Estate. Most people in America know very little about how credit works and many of us don’t even know what our current credit score is. Learning to use OPM (Other People’s Money) is essential to gaining financial independence.

Investing is the next step to becoming financially free. Learning to use OPM to invest in sound opportunities is a sure way to success as far as your finances are concerned. Now investing is a very broad term and there are many things one could invest in. You have the stock market, real estate, business etc. However the most important thing to invest in is YOU! This can be done through education, enhanced appearance and your children. With that being said; my focus is to teach you to learn to invest in particular in the Forex Market. Everything is NOT for everybody and we must all find our path. However once you find an area of investing that interest you and a system that works, you will be on your way to financial freedom. Forex is the act of trading one currency for another on the world Foreign Exchange Market. It is the largest financial market on the planet and is extremely popular outside of the US. The last thing to understand/study is Real Estate. As a licensed real estate agent in the state of Georgia I can tell you that having somewhere to live, is usually at the top of most people’s priorities. Since they are not making any more land and most people want to live amongst other people like major cities or towns this provides an opportunity to capitalize. Plus you yourself will most likely want to live somewhere as opposed to being homeless, which will inevitably be your biggest expense. This is why understanding the dynamics of how to purchase a home and use real estate to create a passive stream of income will be a key element to obtaining financial freedom and true wealth.

Knowledge of Self is last but not least in our triune philosophy. What is Knowledge of Self? This is who you are and what your purpose is. This brings us back to our title: “So you want to be a Moor?” This is a part of the equation of Knowledge of Self but only a small part. This only deals with a portion of the ancestral lineage of some people but does not touch the essence of who YOU are and what you purpose is. This can be a very difficult thing to discover and can also be objective. However; when you hear it you know it! There are many different paths one could take to discover more about themselves; some of the ways are but not limited to; talking to family and friends, praying, meditating, studying astrology, numerology and much “Moor”. To make this simple I have been using a tool known as numerology to find the answer to this question. I have over time developed a complete system in which one can determine their purpose for being here and how to know when is the best time to move in the direction they want to move in. This insight can be invaluable in a world of uncertainty and constant change. Fining out your Life Lesson Number and understanding your yearly, monthly and even daily cycles provide you with the insight to your life to help you become a better you!

In conclusion having a sound philosophy that addresses the universal needs of people can have a profound impact on society and providing the tools that can be used in real time to enhance the lives of those people can be very rewarding. Choose wisely the things you focus your time and energy on and make sure your life is becoming less stressful from your new found insight as opposed to “MOOR” difficult!

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