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Why are YOU Here?

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Why are you here? That is the Million Dollar Question! We each are born at a specific time, in a specific place and these factors help determine our destiny. Each of us are here for a specific purpose for a specific reason: What is yours? This can all be determined by your Life Lesson Number. This gives you a breakdown of the lesson you were born here to learn and if you do not learn it the first time, then you will have to come back to repeat it again!

Everyone has a unique purpose for being here and finding that out is the single most important thing you can know. Imagine knowing since childhood the direction your life would move towards. Often famous people say they always know that they would become a star, they had a spark of intuition that always remained with them while some of us has spent our whole lives trying to discover who we are and what are purpose is. Using Math and Science these things can be discovered and a better understanding of yourself will result from this newly found insight.

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