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Numbers is the universal language and also what I call “the language of god” I believe the creator speaks to us all through numbers.
Numerology is the measure of the vibrational frequencies of numbers and how they affect humans on the physical plane. Each number 1-9 has a frequency or energy or meaning.
There are many types of forms of Numerology, probably the most well know is Pythagorean: however there is also Chaldean, Chinese, Hindu…just to name a few.
Most people are familiar with astrology but Ayurveda many people have not heard of, Ayurveda is simply “Life-Knowledge” in Hindu, and as most of you already know astrology is the observance of the planets and its effect on humans.
My favorite form of numerology is Pythagorean and I prefer divination, which is simply a way to gain insight into a question or situation using an ancient system.  However when I do relationship compatibility I use this system which is Hindu based.  This system is very quick and easy to understand and hopefully when I get through you will have more insight to who you are and if you are in a relationship who you are dealing with.  
Relationships are NOT easy no matter if the numbers add up or not.  There is a lot of other factors to consider.  I hope that this knowledge can at the least give you some insight and allow you to make better decisions when entering into a relationship.
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